Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused)

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Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused) Empty Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused)

Post  Kizzybone on Sat Sep 08, 2012 12:34 am

I am wondering why i was declinded from joining S.T.A.R.S. i have not actaully been given an excuse or a reason why i was denied so i am able to work on the "Feedback" i am given, it was just

"Hey there!
We do not think you're good enough to join S.T.A.R.S. at the moment. Therefore we've declined your application.
Cya around though!"

Which in my eyes, i can't see feedback there, and to help me improve the skills i need to join S.T.A.R.S, i have been told i am "TOO FREINDLY" but i don't see a downside to that, i thought S.T.A.R.S are "Freindly" people, and my ingame expeirence, yes i havent played ZE for a while, only recently got back into it over the last 2 months.
I don't know any "Secrets" or "Glitches" so i asked for a few tips.

I got them perfect, and i am always the last human to escape to the "Waypoints" in maps but i am also always at the top of the leader board, that must prove something, if i am always the last human to reach waypoints, which i believe that is what S.T.A.R.S where looking for, and i was always at the top of leader boards without "Glitches/Secrets"

To be i think none of you liked the way i was trying to make freinds and join a clan, i think most of you didn't like the fact that i am good at what i like to do and i am a freindly person, and you might be jealous of that.

Can someone please tell me the reasons WHY i was NOT accepted into S.T.A.R.S and the reasons for people deleting me through Steam Freinds?

There is ONE person within this clan that knows what ive been going through recently and he knows who he is, and if he remembers then he should know why ive said this, but if he doesnt then,it was a waste of time completly, and that i will leave S.T.A.R.S completely and give bad feedback because the way i have been treated after doing an application and being denied.

Thanks Kieran


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Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused) Empty Re: Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused)

Post  Slartibartfast on Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:33 pm

We don't make "excuses", as you put it, for not accepting people into our clan. We only want the finest players who we know will fit into the group to join us. Way less than half of our applications gets accepted so it is not a given that we will take you.

I usually don't give the whole reason why someone isn't accepted in his/her application thread, because this is a public forum, and I feel that it is better to talk about it in private.

I did give you the reasons why you were not accepted in a steam conversation, but if you do not feel that was sufficient I can give them to you here as well.

The main reason was that you're not skilled enough. It is not so that we only want people to hold back and be the last guy between the zombies and humans. Yes, it is a good thing to help your team, but you should also know when to fall back, and also when to move fast through a map(which is a skill we value too). Also, you still have to work on your advanced movements, like bunny hopping and strafe running (this isn't extremely important, but its a big plus if you are able to keep up with the really fast guys). To be honest I have not noticed you being on the top of the scoreboards all the time, which I think is a pretty bold statement of you to make. And scores does not really tell much about your skills in a mod like zombie escape anyway.

The second reason you were not accepted has to do with your attitude. Its quite hard to give advice on how to improve this. We can't really tell you to change who you are. I guess you just have to accept that some people will like you less than others. Being too friendly isn't necessarily a good thing. It can be perceived as being annoying or even as being an "ass-kisser". Im sure it is not your intention to come of like that, but you just have to be careful about how you act towards people. Everyone doesn't have to be your best friend. Also, saying that people don't like you because they are jealous of you is pretty silly...

I hope this gave you some of the answers you were looking for. If you still want to join our clan you should let this go and work to improve your skills and possibly your attitude. Then try again in a while when you think you are up for it.


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Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused) Empty Re: Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused)

Post  RazKaz on Sun Sep 09, 2012 3:14 pm

A lot off people think it´s so easy to join STARS just cause it stands for rescue service, and almost everyone on i3d are team players accept trollers like me, but STARS is not a zm clan, it´s a ze clan,
And that means that just because you can defend and help your players dosn´t mean you are 100% sure to join.
Like slarty said you have to know the head things off zombie escape and that is speed "strafe-run, wall run and bhop"
one good ex: is like on licciana if you can defend and help your players that is behind and still make it to the boat then you got what it takes, not just defend and then take suicide, thats a big different, and also STARS clan like people that are nice and team players , not kiddy or have a bad attitude.
And any nub on i3d can get 100 kills, you can just make one lucky shot and you get 6 points, but if you take the higher points on map like deathstar, stargate, POTC, LOTR and or that you take like the secret weapon that many maps have then you show STARS that you have the speed to be in the lead.
Everyone don´t like you ingame thats life
if you look at me for ex: almost everyone on i3d hates me(and i dont know why) (LIES SO HARD OMG) and some people love me and that.. i just dont get it.

but what im trying to say is if you just are a nice guy and not being so kiddy (i dont saying that you are) or an ass-hole like me then i would say 95% off all people on i3d will like you "include" STARS.
And if you want to improve your skills im the best person to ask^^no but seriously i can help i have helped some people in to STARS or just to imporve their skill i think i got you on steam if you want to.

And btw for me STARS is the nicest clan you can find no1 in STARS are a dick or an ass-hole, like me, so i think you have got this wrong somehow that you think you have been treated wrong, STARS treat everyone the same even if they know they have a bad pass or if they are an ass-hole in game , that i can tell you for sure , every apply is treated with only positive opinions when you start the apply, and then maybe they dont like you but all applys are welcome.
IM saying this as an old member off STARS and i know that they never mean anything bad,
I dont know if i should write this long text^^ but that´s what i think and i dont like when people say that STARS is a bad and evil clan.

I hope slart and boose don't hate me for this random post on some1 apply.

Greetings Plagues/Shady, cya ingame and dont become like me then no1 likes you.

thank you for reading.


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Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused) Empty Re: Would like a few answers (Am annoyed and confused)

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