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Application template + info Empty Application template + info

Post  Ghostchief. on Wed Dec 09, 2015 12:43 am

Read this before you apply for S.T.A.R.S

To apply for our clan fill out the following form:

Steamname and In-game name:
How long have you been playing zombie escape?
How would you evaluate your skills in terms of teamwork, map knowledge and advanced movements?
How active are you and how active do you plan on being?
What is your motivation to join S.T.A.R.S.?

The more detailed you are when answering these questions, the more basis you're giving us to assess you. Feel free to expand upon the questions and write something more about yourself! Smile

Don't post your application in this thread but make your own!

Information concerning the applysystem.

The way we handle applies is split in 2 sections.
The ‘vote’ section and the ‘review’ section.
First if you apply you will just use the application template and post it in the right thread.
Then all the members will read it and vote if you have the needed basic skills, general behavior and potential overall.
If you get more than 60% positive votes you will be directed to the 2nd part, the ‘review’ section.
Here we will be reviewing and spectating you. We will be judging you very precise and give you points concerning your skills and behaviour all divided into separate subdivisions. (for example: bhop,strafe,surf,…)
Each member will do this separately for the applicants and then we will take the average of each review from each member. If this average exceeds 70% you will have passed.

You will have a long road ahead of you.
We will be looking forward to handling your applies.
Good luck to all future applicants.

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