Another gaming mouse rant, now Logitech G500.

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Another gaming mouse rant, now Logitech G500.

Post  YogaFire on Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:26 pm

Well about 6 months ago i decided to buy a new mouse, a logitech G500. A friend of mine had the same mouse and i tried it and it was really good. I went to Elkjøp once again and bougth it. the mouse worked fine for like a week. The funny thing about that mouse is that it got something called "anti tangle". The anti tangle thing is supposed to do so the wire does not tangle. but after a week the f*cking anti tangle started to get holes, and the wire got really twisted. The wire broke inside and the mouse stopped working. I went back to elkjøp and this time they ateast gave me the money back.

Evil or Very Mad Thanks for reading and letting me release my anger Evil or Very Mad


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